Google Data Studio for Data Visualization by Start-Tech Academy

Google Data Studio for Data Visualization

Use Google Data Studio to create reports & data visualizations from any data source



6 hours

Time Investment




You just need a computer with internet connection. This is a beginner friendly course and does not require any previous knowledge 


This course covers everything you need to insightful and dynamic reports using Google Data Studio in the professional work place.
Below are the course contents of this complete and concise course on Google Data studio:
  • Introduction - In this section, the structure and the contents of the course are discussed. We also discuss the reason to why should we learn Google Data Studio.
  • Theoretical concepts - This lecture covers the prerequisite understanding of key terminologies and concepts before we start to work on Google Data Studio. 
  • All charts and tables in Data Studio - We cover all the available chart types one-by-one.  It includes Data tables, scorecards, bar charts, time series, pie charts, GeoMaps, pivot tables and many more.
  • Data filter controls - This lecture covers the filtering options that can be given to the report viewers so that each viewer can filter the data and see only what s/he wants to see.
  • Branding the report - Branding a report is a very popular business practice and we will see how we can do it using brand logo and brand colors
  • Embedding external content - We can add videos, quizzes, feedback forms, company websites to our report. Yes! It is possible. We will see how in this section.
  • Blending multiple data sets - Real life data is in multiple tables. To plot a graph using data from multiple tables requires data blending. Very Important Section.
  • Report Sharing and Collaborating - This section covers ways in which you can give viewing or editing rights to others. You can also schedule regular reports to the management using Google Data Studio. Report sharing is something where no other Data Visualization tool can beat Google Data Studio.
And so much more!

By the end of this course, your confidence in using Google data studio will soar. You'll have a thorough understanding of how to use Data Studio for creating insightful dashboards and beautiful reports.
Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!


Pukhraj Parikh

Ex-EXL, MBA (IIM Ahmedabad), B. Tech. (IIT Roorkee)

Abhishek Bansal

Ex-Airtel, MBA (FMS Delhi), B. Tech. (IIT Roorkee)

What's included?

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4 mins
Why Data Studio
10 mins
Course Resources
1.35 MB
Terminologies & Theoretical concepts for Data Studio
Data Studio Home and Architecture
7 mins
Data structure and Dim vs Mets
5 mins
Practical part begins here
Opening Data Studio
10 mins
Adding a data source
7 mins
Managing added data source
12 mins
Charts to highlight numbers
Data Tables
11 mins
Styling tab for data table
14 mins
8 mins
Charts for comparing categories : Bar charts and stacked charts
Simple Bar and Column chart
8 mins
Stacked Column chart
6 mins
Charting maps of a country, continent, or region - Geomaps
4 mins
Charts to highlight trends: Time Series, Line and Area charts
9 mins
Line Chart and Combo Chart
5 mins
Highlighting contribution to total: Pie chart & Donut Chart
Pie Chart and Donut Chart
6 mins
Area Charts
8 mins
Relationship between two or more variables: Scatter plots
Scatter and Bubble Charts
11 mins
Aggregating on two dimensions: Pivot tables
Pivot Table
7 mins
All about a single Metric: Bullet Chart
Bullet Chart
5 mins
Chart for highlighting heirarchy: TreeMap
Tree Map
5 mins
Branding a Report
Brand Logo and Details
6 mins
Brand colors for report branding
5 mins
Giving the power to filter Data to viewers
URL Embed to include external content
6 mins
Add Videos, Feeedback form etc. to your Report
Filter controls for viewers
10 mins
Sometimes data is in multiple tables
Blending data
12 mins
Sharing and Collaborating on Data Studio report
Downloading report as PDF and Page Management
4 mins
Sharing report and Data Credentials
11 mins
Sharing report using a link ED
3 mins
Scheduling emails
4 mins
Embeding report on Website
3 mins