Data Visualization using Excel: All Charts and Graph by Start-Tech Academy

Data Visualization using Excel: All Charts and Graph

  • 25+ Excel charts and graphs
  • Best Practices
  • Case Studies

What you will learn

  • Learn the techniques to communicate clear and concise message through your charts
  • Learn how to create 25+ chart types in Excel
  • Become proficient in using powerful tools such as pivot tables and pivot charts
  • Master newly introduced chart types such as sunburst, treemap and waterfall chart
  • Learn how to create cool infographics to represent data


Introduction and Basics
Welcome to the Course!
3 mins
4.08 MB
Why are charts used?
3 mins
Categories of messages that can be conveyed
5 mins
Elements of charts
6 mins
The Easy way of creating charts
4 mins
Bar and Column Charts
Bar and column charts
13 mins
Formating charts
16 mins
Best Practices: Bar Chart
11 mins
Line and Area Charts
Line Charts
10 mins
Avoiding the Spaghetti plot
6 mins
Area Charts
7 mins
Other Popular Charts
Pie and Doughnut Charts
14 mins
When and Why we should avoid Pie charts!
5 mins
Scatter plot or XY chart
17 mins
Frequency Distribution and Histograms
14 mins
Advanced Charts
Waterfall chart
12 mins
Hierarchy Charts: Sunburst and Treemap
8 mins
Combination charts
8 mins
Important Charting Best Practices
Highlighting chart message
4 mins
Eliminating Distractions from the Graph
7 mins
Avoiding clutter
6 mins
Pivot charts
Pivot Table Basics
9 mins
Pivot Charts
8 mins
Recent Additions to Charts in Excel
Stock charts
12 mins
Radar chart
5 mins
Surface charts
6 mins
5 mins
Mini charts: Sparklines
6 mins
Infographics using Excel charts
Creative Infographic 1
15 mins
Creative Infographic 2
7 mins